Every one travels by feet, bus, train and planes but how many times have you met a person whose ridden a balloon? For this exceptionally thrilling ride join our travelling agency and be one of the only people who have enjoyed hot air balloon flights.

You can experience this adventurous ride at discounts and low rates with us. We will be at your service for the day, providing food as well as wine. For this exciting trip you don’t even need to take care of your own transport. We will make sure that the crew picks you up in the morning from the hotel you are staying in. Once the tour is complete the crew will bring you back as well.

The ride begins when you slowly ascend upwards in the balloon and go high above in the sky. One of the main reasons this is an enjoyable experience is because of the great view and striking scenery which can be seen. The best part is that there is no noise and the atmosphere is calm and beautiful.

Perhaps the best place to enjoy balloon fighting is in Cappadocia. Its beauty is in its greenery and vineyards. Flying over the rocks through the air gives not only a wonderful scenery but an amazing sensation as well. We offer a variety of tours such as the Cappadocia tours exploring the marvelous city of Cappadocia from the sky in a hot air balloon or maybe an amazing Ephesus tour in one of its famous markets followed by a lavish dinner by the shoreline.

The ride lasts for almost one hour which is more than enough time to gaze at the scenery. This is the best flight for couples and families. There is a limit to the amount of people who can travel in the hot air balloon at a time. This is for your own safety as the weight may damage the balloon.

The best time for balloon flights is from spring to summer. The wind and chilly air is avoided so that no problems arise. Our crew is professional and well-experienced so your safety is our primary concern. The equipment is top notch and one expert is sent along with the travelers.

We reserve the right to cancel or postpone your trip according to weather conditions. The first step is to reserve a balloon flight with the agency. Secondly, choose the hot air balloon and make an appointment after fixing the rate. Lastly be sure to read all the safety rules before the tour. We hope you have a great time and thank you for choosing us.