Shopping tours may be best for making memories, excursions may be the best idea for the adventurous tourists, cultural tours may take you an ancient time which you never want to leave, but understanding any country is done on the basis of its religious depth. For such reasons we offer many religious tours for tourists who want to engage in knowing turkey deep inside.

Unfortunately, many Christians don’t know the fact that turkey has the most amount of churches in the entire Middle East. There are many fine places to visit here in turkey and we are sure that their beauty will touch your soul.

The most important biblical figures in turkey are St. Paul, St. John and St. Peter. Virgin Mary is respected as in any other Christian country. Saint Paul was a missionary who made 5 journeys to spread his word and travelled across Jerusalem finally coming to Ephesus.

One of the best sites to see are the seven churches of revelation. These are said to be the ancient churches of Saint John as he sent letters to these churches carrying divine revelations. Saint John moved to Ephesus before the fall of Jerusalem where the church of Ephesus is situated. The other six include the church in Smyrna, church in Pergamum, church in Thyatira, church in Sardis, church in Philadelphia and church in Laodicea. The historical importance of the messages deems these churches in Asia to touch hearts of many tourists especially Christians.

Our tours last for many days and the time you want the trip to be solely depends on what suits you. We will charge absolutely no airfare and the stay will be in 3, 4 and 5 class hotels. This means that the service and quality of the hotel would be up to tourist class. In our world class service we will take you to many places such as Istanbul, Cappadocia, kusadasi, iznik etc.

An extremely knowledgeable tour guide will be available throughout the tour adding to your existing information. We hope you enjoy the trip thoroughly and thank you for joining us.