Here at our travel agency not only do we provide ticket bookings and reservations but we also provide concierge services. The concierge will assist in all matters regarding your trip. These may include taking care of the area where you will be staying, giving directions to local places, providing medical help by appointing a doctor for you, booking exclusive tickets to events and many more special services. He or she will make the trip much easier and solve all problems that may concern you.

The concierge will serve your demands through direct or indirect interaction. You may call them or arrange any meeting. They may also act as your complete travel guide as they inform you about all the tours you can take, places you can visit, events which are taking place, the best markets to shop from, the schedule of all the transportation services and the extra facilities which can be given to you.

Other than all that their responsibility is to provide you with the map of the area as well as pamphlets and brochures. If the resort or hotel you are staying in holds events such as cocktail parties it is you concierge’s duty to reserve a place for you on the guest list and take care of the entry ticket.

The concierge’s we hire have vast knowledge about the area you are travelling and understand the people of the region. They have exceptional communication skills and their listening skills help to understand your needs and provide assistance accordingly. Our employees have complete their second and received comprehensive training in tourism and management. Their time management and organization is impeccable. Often they are hired if they have knowledge of more than 2 languages specifically the language of that area. If they understand the language of the people there it becomes easier for them to manage your tasks.

We hope that you have a great travelling experience with us and our concierge is able to manage all your demands. It is our responsibility to make your trip informative, enjoyable and comfortable all at the same time. Have a nice trip!