The culture of a country is one of the most diverse aspects of its features. A country is what it is because of its culture and history. Turkey is a country with a mixture of races and hence a variety of different cultures from around the world.

The history and importance of turkey is as important as the country itself. We don’t want you to look at tours with us; we want you to experience them.

Turkey is a place where you are to encounter a vast majority of different races from around the world; it is a Muslim country but has a mix of cultures from around the world. The history of turkey is also very mixed; historic sites include places from all cultures and all sorts of different history. So when you visit Turkey you are basically visiting cultures and history from around the world.

With a variety of cultures to experience and explore the history of Turkey is never ending. See all these cultures through us and experience Turkey like never before. With a variety of cultural tours to choose from learn and see all you possibly can with a vacation with us.

With a never ending list of places to explore and discover you may never want to leave. Choose a tour from a given list or decide where you want to go we will set up a cultural tour tailored to your needs with all the features of a special tour. If you are out of places to decide from don’t worry we will always be here for guidance and suggestions.

Whether you want to start of your cultural tours visiting the old city, which is the foundation of byzantine and ottoman culture. Later follow you trip with visiting the iconic Blue mosque, one of the most beautiful mosques in the world, the 2nd largest in Turkey. Proceed further by exploring the ancient palaces of the ottoman sultans; learn about all their history with our well educated professional tour guides. End your day with a traditional feast in one of the many markets.

That was just a day tour. We also have long tours to keep you entertained and interested for days and days. Whether you want to start of your tour with a daylong helicopter trip flying over the ancient city looking at all the amazing attractions with the best seats in the house or if you want to hike around the ancient city of troy and learn about its history or even if you want to sail across the sky in a hot air balloon gazing upon the travertine’s in Pammukale.

Another very important part of the history and culture of Turkey is Kusadasi Ephesus. This is one of the best preserved ancient cities in Turkey. This was a social and religious centre during the ancient roman and Greek times. This remarkable city is full of amazing ruins. You can go explore this city and discover endless ancient sights like the fountain of Trajan, the temple of Hadrian, the great theater and of course we will not forget to visit the home of virgin Mary and the basilica of St john.

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