The tourist capital of turkey, is placed right in the heart of Anatolia.  It is known for its admirable landscape shaped just like a moon and magnificent beauty.  The region is all rocky, giving the effect of a moon as it is formed from volcanoes.
There are many attractions for tourists as it is famous for being a modern tourist spot. Cappadocia itself is an extremely large region including many small towns by the names of Urgup, Goreme, Ihlara Valley, Selime, Guzelyurt, Uchisar, Avanos and Zelve. Each of them are famous for their own specializations. Goreme is very popular for hot air balloon tours. These tours are unique, separating turkey from other typical tours. The balloons stay in the air for a long time, an hour or so, giving an insight on the scenery and background.
Central turkey is home to the open air museum in Goreme which caters to thousands of tourists every year. The sight is exquisite as it is a cut-open rock structure formed into churches including St. Barbara’s church, apple church, snake church and many more.
The Ihlara valley is known to be a great place for trekking. Cities such as Urgup, Guzelyurt and Uchisar contain many mansions and caves which tourists prefer to stay in rather than hotels. They believe to be gaining a complete turkey experience by living like the Turkish themselves.
Avanos is a region distinguished from the rest of Cappadocia by the well-known red river. It contributes a lot to the making of pottery and trades ceramic products around the nation as well as outside it. Tourists love to visit this town due to the view and the street life.
Just 14 km away from Avanos, an underground city called Ozkonak is situated. Özkonak has a ventilation system, proper water systems and a winery. Many tourists visit this as they find the location of this city marveling.
There is a large variety for hotels and resorts available for the tourists which offer luxurious stays to make your visit the best. This is just a small description of the never ending adventures and splendor of Cappadocia. We hope you make a space for this region in your to-do list.