Fethiye, one of the most visited destinations in the world, is a district situated in the southwest of turkey in the Mugla province. Like its neighbor Marmaris, Fethiye is located near the Mediterranean coast. It is known for its historic importance as it sits on the ancient city of Telmessos. In olden times the province of Mugla was in Lycia.

As legend unfolds, the small city of Telmessos was named after the son of the Greek god Apollo. The city was invaded by alexander the great in later years, after which its growth was impeccable. By the 15th century this region became part of the areas conquered by the ottoman emperor. By this time the city was known as Makri with a majority of Greek people as the place was once where the Greek gods lived.

In the 20th century the region was once again renamed, this time as Fethiye. Due to its location near the coastal areas, many harbors and marinas have been built here attracting sailors. The climate stays hot and humid in the summer like the tropics and cold and wet during the winters. A large proportion of tourists each year comprise of the British who are influenced by the beauty and simplicity of the area. The main revenue of the area also comes from tourism.

There is a large range of places which are tagged as ‘must see’ in Fethiye. These places make your visit even more splendid. The Lycian rock tombs are great for a little bit of a climb and hike for active, youthful tourists. Many boat trips can be taken across the river which may be private or public. Perhaps the best place to visit in the evening are the beaches of Fethiye. Aksazlar bay, Kuleli and Samanlik bay are very popular with the Turkish. The most favourite so far has been the Calis beach and the view it gives. It is said that there is nothing better than to experience sunset from this beach. Photographers have never been happier to catch such a beautiful moment.

There is a large variety for hotels and resorts available for the tourists which offer luxurious stays to make your visit the best.