The paradise on two2 continents : the old side lies in Europe and the modern one, on the Asian continent. These two sides are separated by the magnificent strait of Bosfor. It is also unique because it was the capital of Turkey during two different empires, the Christian Byzantine one and the Islamic one.

The charm and the personality of this city resides in its infinite and stunning variety of contradictions, The old side of the city abounds in the byzantine ruins, the fascinating palaces, the antique mosques and churches, the hamams and the exotic bazaars. The new side of the city is full of modern bars and pubs, night clubs, occidental boutiques, modern buildings and elegant suburbs.

Istanbul is full of touristic attractions: elements from all the 3 empires that ruled this city deserve to be visited and admired. Most of the visitors stay at Sultanahmet, where they visit the Blue Mosque, Hagia Sofia and the ruins of the old hippodrome.

The Blue Mosque, also known as the Building of the Sultan, is one the most elegant, visible and gracious building of all Turkey. Initially built as an Islamic rival of the Church of St. Sophia in 1609, the mosque is one of the most exquisite example of the Turkish architecture and it is still used. The interior is beautifully decorated with hundreds of blue and white Iznik tiles, with Turkish floral patterns.

Those who are addicted to shopping can visit the Great Bazaar – be ready to negotiate, which can turn into a unique adventure. This place in the form of a labyrinth of 65 small streets contain about 4000 shops, tea shops, mosques and multi leveled houses with water fountains.

A trip on the river that links Europe to Asia is another wonder that need to be experienced. Make sure you have your camera with you – the landscape is magnificent and there will be lots of attractions you will want to immortalize.

The Domalche Palace, once the sultans’ harem, is blatant decorated with crystal chandeliers with the unbelievable weight of 4 tones. The palace has a beautiful wide garden which is opened for the tourists.

The Sunken Palace is a terrifying cavern, built in 532 a.C by Constantine the Great. It is sustained by 336 fabulous columns and it served as a set for the James Bond series movie called From Russia with love.

Whether you like to just walk on narrow streets, to visit fascinating places or sail on the beautiful sea, Istanbul is the best choice for a holyday you will never forget.