Also known in the past as Smyrna, is placed in the south-west of Turkey and it is inhabited by 3 million people. It lies on the shore of the Aegean Sea in a beautiful gulf, blessed with sun and serenity.

Izmir is the third biggest city in Turkey and the second most important harbor. It is blessed with alleys full of exotic flowers, wide boulevards and beautiful parks, all aligned silently along the circular gulf. Considered to be a gate towards the Aegean Sea, Izmir is a busy commercial and industrial place. Nevertheless, the warm climate, the beautiful landscapes, the fascinating town attractions and the five stars hotels turn Izmir into a place just perfect for a unique holyday.

The present city lies on the ancient Greek fortress of Smyrna. After many disputes between Turkey and Greek, Izmir gains Turkish authority in 1922. Here Homer, the greatest of ancient Greek epic poets, and Aristotele Onassis, the prominent Greek Argentine shipping magnate, were born.

The shores of the Aegean sea are among the most beautiful landscapes in Turkey – the magnificent coasts, washed by the blue and clear waters abounds in large beaches surrounded by natural swamps, mountain peaks and pine forests.  Decorated with idyllic fishing harbors, traditional holyday villages and remains of the ancient civilizations, Izmir region is also the ideal place for meetings and conferences.

The development of the coast area had a great influence on the night life – the promenade area of Kordon is surrounded by at least 14 places to see, including restaurants, pubs, Italian like coffee houses with a view towards the park.

The  Smyma colony was established by the Greeks at the end of the 11th  century BC – the fortifications of Izmir date back the same century and they are acknowledged as the oldest remains of a town established by the Greeks.

In the second part of the 4th century BC, Alexander the Great ordered the establishment of a citadel on the top of the Pagos Mountain, 5 kilometers far from the old town. Smyma flourished and evolved in the 3rd and 2nd centuries.

Years after years of ups and downs, Smyma became part of the Turkish empire. Despite two monstrous earthquakes – 1688 and 1778 – and two devastating fires – 1840 and 184 –,, Smyma kept its reputation of one of the most prosperous towns in the Turkish Empire. During the war between the Greeks and the Turkish, Smyma was conquered by the Greeks, but soon after that it was taken back by Kemal Pasa. The North side of the town was set on fire and it was seriously affected so that the reconstruction represented a major challenge. Nevertheless, with the help and the hard work of the dedicated inhabitants Smyma came again to life. Izmir as it is known today is one of the most modern, beautiful and well organized cities in Turkey.