Another paradise for all tourists of all shapes and sizes. Kusadasi offers an environment so amazing that you will never want to leave. Take a relaxing cruise all the way to kusadasi and explore places that haven’t been discovered. Other than the breath taking scenery, kusadasi is also a home to a lot of historical sites including:
Ephesus- an ancient Greek city
The temple of Artemis- An ancient Greek temple which was dedicated to the goddess Artemis and was rebuilt over 3 times.
House of virgin Mary- this is one of the most famous historic sites here in kusadasi. House was discovered in the 19th century. Catholic pilgrims visit this site on the belief that Mary was the mother of Jesus.
The seven sleepers- the seven sleepers was a group of young Christians who hid inside a cave around 250AD to escape persecutions, this cave is another favorite among tourists.
These are just some of the many ancient sites that are situated in this wonderful city where the weather is absolutely perfect for 300 days of the year. This is among Turkeys most prized possessions.
You can arrive at Kusadasi in any way you desire. Whether you choose to arrive by an outstanding cruise over the sparkling blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Or by a helicopter flying over the amazing sights. So transport is not something you need to worry about as we will arrange all of that for you. Beside the transport there are problems for accommodations as this is a very busy place. Well you don’t need to worry as you just tell us what you want and we will book the best place for you as per your request and we will also provide a tour guide that will be at your assistance all the time so you don’t need to worry about getting lost.
Kusadasi is truly a remarkable place and it is one place you will regret not seeing. See it through us and have the experience of a life time, an experience we guarantee you will never forget!