Marmaris, one of the most beautiful towns of the world, is situated in the southwest of turkey in the Mugla province. It lies on the shore of the turquoise coat (Turkish riveria). Once upon a time it was a just a simple, lazy community until the construction kicked in. Since it is located on the coast it serves as the perfect tourist destination especially for sailors and divers.

As it is a neighbor to the Mediterranean coast the weather remains similar as well. This means that the summers are hot and humid whereas the winters are chilly and wet.

In olden times the town of Marmaris did not exist, all that existed was a mere castle built ages ago. The castle had many emperors starting from alexander the great and the ottoman sultan, to the British forces. In the late 20th century the castle was refurbished and today it exists as a museum, perhaps the landmark of Marmaris. People from all across turkey and the rest of the world come to see the great architecture and it’s fragrant, full of flowers courtyard.

The beauty of this town doesn’t only live in the culture and history but also in the people, the streets and the atmosphere. Other than the attraction to the water and infrastructure, Marmaris is known for many exquisite tourist destinations. Heaven Island is situated eight km from the area. It is surrounded by beautiful, crystal clear blue water. Tourists are taken to this place through boats and sails. The presence of a large selection of animals and plants species makes the island a natural habitat for different organisms and worth visiting for humans. The colours and smells of floral patches are extremely alluring.

The Nimara cave is another important reason for tourist influx. Its height and width are efficient enough to support the presence of multiple people simultaneously. It is of great historic importance and provides good opportunities for students, archeologists and historians to study the area. As legend goes it says to have been a hidden place for worship used by the Greeks to honor their gods as well as the romans. Nimara cave is a natural habitat for beautiful butterflies.

The reasons to visit Marmaris, turkey are perhaps never ending. A visit to such beauty is definitely worth it.