At our agency we provide many exquisite facilities which are provided only by us. One of these include a gullet yacht service. This is fabulous for those touring turkey as it gives insight on many places in turkey. Turkey is a neighbor to the Mediterranean coast and these boats make it possible for tourists to swim across the beautiful, clear blue waters.

Gullet boats are often luxurious from the inside and can cater for almost 2 dozen people. They have proper rooms, toilets, shower areas and even a space at the back to lay and enjoy the sun. Gullet boats are far better than motor boats as they are comfortable and produce much less noise. They even surpass sailing boats as they are more efficient and spacious. Places which should not be missed are often situated on different coasts and islands, so taking gullet yachts is the best way to visit them. Seeing these places tell us more about the cultural and history of Turkey.

A key decision is to choose which boat you’ll be travelling in. to make this choice first see which boats are available on what dates. Set a boat according to the dates you want to go on. Another factor is to find out which route different boats take and which one is most suitable to you. Lastly, choose the yacht which fits your budget range.

On a gullet boat proper lounging and dinner will be provided. We try to make sure that you feel comfortable and at home with the surroundings. The meals given are first class including authentic Turkish cuisine or freshly caught sea food. The boat may also be used for any plans involving swimming, snorkeling and even fishing.

Our cruise crew is extremely proficient and responsive. They will make sure everything goes according to plan and meet your demands. We only hire trained citizens who are perfectly capable of handling the boat and keeping it secure. House maid, chef, water sports trainer are all at your service. All the equipment on the boat is good quality and expensive.

We hope you have a great trip. Thank you for choosing our services.