Tired of travelling by foot? Don’t want to take a tour bus full of people? We have the perfect tour planned for you by air so that your time is not wasted by heavy city traffic. Ride on a helicopter and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the turquoise water and cultural sites. Experience the beauty of turkey from an aerial view, it’s the best seat in town. Join us while we take you from one place to another by the fastest travelling method.

Our agency is one of the most top notch travelling agencies all across turkey as we offer one of the greatest services and tours. Many different tours are available which have different price ranges, varying time and take you to different places. You can choose the package which suits you best and your own personal helicopter.

Upon your arrival to the airport our crew will take you from there to your hotel. We offer services to pick you up from your hotel each day to take you to the desired sites. Starting from early on in the day the tour is expected to end by evening when our services will be responsible for dropping you back to where you are staying.

Various tours may include the tour of Istanbul, its markets and historic monuments. You may also choose to fly across to the Mugla province where you could visit the ancient city of Fethiye and Marmaris. A trip to the turquoise coast cannot be missed.

We can assure that the flight is short and extremely secure. The pilots we hire have great skill and experience as they are trained professionals. However, there is a limit to the number of customers on the helicopter as we have to maintain weight for your own security reasons. Cancelling out on the last minute is not a possibility as without at least one day’s notice money cannot be returned.

At any time the agency has the right change, postpone or cancel the program due to technical problems or weather forecast. We thank you for choosing our services and hope you have a great day.