Perhaps the best part of visiting turkey is getting deeply involved in their cultural, food and way of life. Making memories is the idea of life and to remember your trip, getting souvenirs is a must. We provide many tours across cities and towns solely concerned with the purpose of purchasing goods. This is one of the main attractions for tourists who love visiting markets.

The main markets of turkey are better known as bazaar. They have everything which catches your interest and slowly soaks you into its shops. There are local shops for trading spice, cloth, carpets and curtains. Turkish rugs are particularly famous and a big charm towards the tourists. The common food in turkey is a mixture of different cultures from the ottoman era. It is made by using so many various spices which fascinate tourists. Thus, everyone makes their way towards the spice markets of turkey.

The quality of leather is exquisite here. Traders from around the world come to turkey and buy leather and woven materials such as carpets in bulk. Ceramics in turkey are extremely well known. Surely a shopping tour will make your trip much better especially when you can take so many amazing goods back to your country.

The biggest attraction in Istanbul is the grand bazaar. It is one of the largest and most historic markets of the world. Many streets are a part of this bazaar carrying good material such as lanterns, jewelry etc.

Other than local markets there are large malls in big cities which cater to the most famous brands all over the world. Such luxurious shopping centers contain food area and different shops each holding various items.

The time for different shopping markets is divided and you will be allowed to take maximum time allotted for the shop. We will provide the pick and drop services. The crew will pick you up from the hotel you are staying in and transport you to the desired destination. They will also have the responsibility of dropping you back to the hotel. The transport will also be air-conditioned, smoke-free and completely furnished.

The tour will begin early in the morning and end before the evening. The fee charged for the entire operation will be per person and will decrease as more people are added to a group. A single person as well as a large group of people consisting of 10 to 15 members. The fee given is the fee inclusive of all taxes and additional charges.

The trip to the market will be guided. A professional guide will be an expert in trading with local Turkish citizens and make it much easier for you. They will have in fixing prices as their communication with the Turkish is spot on. We only hire workers whose English is quite well.

Hope you have a great time. Thank you for choosing our services.