We all have somewhere special that we want to visit and explore. And for that very reason with a lot of devotion and hard work we have been working on something very special for our very special clients, special interest tours.

We have all kind of special interest tours in store for you. With a variety of places to visit, the list is never ending. Some of these special interest tours include:

–          A 10 day mosque tour to visit the most magnificent mosques that you will ever experience in the world. This will also include your visit to the iconic Blue mosque which was only built in 4 years and the only mosque to have 6 minarets.

–          Another option is a 10 day special Muslim tour in which you will visit amazing destinations that hold specific importance to a vast majority of the population here, Muslims. You will be visiting all kind of places such as the ottoman palace of the Sultans.

–          One of the favorites of our clients in the 4 day cruise from fethiye to Olympus. Enjoy the beauty of the waters our amazing country has to offer as you cruise through the calm silent waters. Visit butterfly valley which hosts up to 135 different types of butterflies.

–          We also provide a 6 day special tour through the city of Istanbul. Look at the beautiful city from the sky in a hot air balloon or cycle through the streets and discover new places and meet new people. Visit the Hagias Sophia museum and learn about the history and importance. Visit the grand bazaar which has over 4000 shops to choose from. Dine like a king and eat all the traditional dishes this amazing city has to offer.

These are just some of the magnificent tours we offer, we also offer Jewish and biblical special interest tours along with our VIP honeymoon packages. We have tours for all age and sizes so you don’t have to worry about anything, leave the worrying to us and we will make your vacation as memorable as possible.